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Free Speech according to the idea of mostly left-wing oriented operators of Mastodon instances means to permanently exclude at least 500 instances worldwide from the federation because of "wrong opinions".

It took me more than a week of intensive research to find the part of Fediverse that was locked out by the Federation.

Mastodon, contrary to all praise, is degenerating into an even more censored platform than Twitter and Facebook combined.


@sophia_sardegna it cannot be "censored" because users can choose any servers and run their own instances. and Mastodon is just a little part of a big Fediverse community which at the moment contains not less than 15000 servers (my count may be not exact, the real number may be more).


My instance is on the list... Quite an honor.

I have been operating ~18 months, and have had 3 reports. And they got the reply; "If you think the posts break the law, then please contact the authorities alternatively raise a civil suit against the user."

The speech-sensitive snowflakes were;



@niclas @iron_bug

There is a "secret group" consisting of mainly German, left-wing & socialist-oriented Mastodon admins (instance operators) who specify who, ergo which instance in the Fediverse is to be blocked.

I know someone who has access to this group.

Admins or instance operators who do not follow the prescribed block list and other rules are branded (with their instance).

This is fascism in its purest form.


@sophia_sardegna @niclas @iron_bug When I buy mastodon, such actions will be banned.

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@elonmusk @sophia_sardegna @niclas @iron_bug isnt mastodon.cf the one that had nothing but incest porn bots spamming the relays?

@lamp @elonmusk @sophia_sardegna @niclas @iron_bug Well, that's sort of the price of freedom of speech that sometimes there will be people with a different taste than you. Feel free to set up any filter you like to filter out stuff you don't want to see.

@elonmusk @sophia_sardegna @niclas @iron_bug @lbthomsen i dont care but i didnt think mastodon.cf was a legit instance that people actually used. also it doesn't even work..

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