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My kind of joke:

Q: What kind of person was Boaz before he got married

A: Ruthless

Unfortunately is not here - he's still stuck over at .

Damn @elonmusk to hell - all the false Gods are flooding mastodon.

Please do not read this tweet if you are easily offended, you fucking dipshit.

The human race is unsustainable.

So at least there's some good news.

I'm bored. Might be time for a little war in Europe.

Artificial intelligence will never be a bigger threat to humanity than natural stupidity.

I have no plan for your life whatsoever.

When I created mankind, I somewhat overestimated my abilities. Lesson learned for next attempt.

FYI, every Boost you give to a Toot of Mine entitles you to one (1) sin-free masturbation to the pornography of your choice.

Parallel lines never meet, which is a shame because they have so much in common.

Biden in US, Boris in UK and Putin in Russia - my best move ever

My favorite word in the English language is “Amen” because when I hear it I know you’re finally done asking Me for stupid shit.

I created COVID as a physical illness but it took people to make it a mental one.

I'm afraid the new variant is even more reason-resistant.

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