Back in the day, in Denmark, there was a tobacco brand called "Singapore Shag". Hilarious.

Oh, the irony. A stern(-ish) warning from Facebook because of a joke. They can fuck off right away!
The irony of course is that @elonmusk specifically allow jokes on and Facebook helping him prove a point.

Hilarious! Well in his 80s, John Cleese still got a bite to him. Take that Americans!

As a development module this is pretty awesome. ColorLight I5 + extension board. Combined < $50 including shipping.

They are going to make my life easier and fortunately I did not have to solder that myself.

_That_ is a new low for journalism on the BBC. "Putin the disruptor". They now resort to name calling like kids in a school yard. Name calling? Is that really necessary to get their point through. Now, I can call him "Putin the Fucking Cunt" but I am not paid to provide neutral reporting.
And BBC, if you do resort to this childish behavior, next time, names should be capitalised.

You've got to love how they manage to spin that into them doing the right thing. The truth obviously being that with the Ruble being "Rubble" they won't sell any devices anyway.

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