_That_ is a new low for journalism on the BBC. "Putin the disruptor". They now resort to name calling like kids in a school yard. Name calling? Is that really necessary to get their point through. Now, I can call him "Putin the Fucking Cunt" but I am not paid to provide neutral reporting.
And BBC, if you do resort to this childish behavior, next time, names should be capitalised.

You've got to love how they manage to spin that into them doing the right thing. The truth obviously being that with the Ruble being "Rubble" they won't sell any devices anyway.

puts nuclear forces on high alert. Hell yeah, those guys look like they are one step from comatose.

Apparently does not like to be depicted in drag, so here we go. Dressed up like that he might have a future possible carrier winning the European Song Contest. , .

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