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The biggest dilemma of dyslexic agnostics: is there a dog?

Socialism in a nutshell.
Whether that is Marxism proper or the state-powered crony-crapitalism that we have in most of the West, where the State "redistribute" billions to people like Musk.

Must read for all, regardless of opinion on covid responses... includes a few video clips.

I get tons of posts indicating is secretly buying up while it is cheap. Surely that must be - he can not be that crazy. Does he know something about that I don't?

Considering the Ukrainian parliament have just banned the "Z", I think they will need to rethink the transliteration into Latin alphabet. I guess "Voldemort Xelenskyy" would be appropriate.

Do not believe in the fake news that will require payments for oil and gas in - it is obviously

wouldn't it be much easier for Elon to run a mastodon server than to buy Twitter?

The Gay Community recently convened and has determined that the Woke Community is composed of a bunch of stupid bitches (and we don't mean 'bitches' as in 'womanly', we mean 'bitches' as in retarded idiots (and we don't mean 'retarded' as in 'mentally challenged', we mean 'retarded' as being gay (as in the 1950s sense of the word))).

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