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Oh, the irony. A stern(-ish) warning from Facebook because of a joke. They can fuck off right away!
The irony of course is that @elonmusk specifically allow jokes on and Facebook helping him prove a point.

Hilarious! Well in his 80s, John Cleese still got a bite to him. Take that Americans!

@TechNews I am way ahead of you. My engineers have been working on this prototype which will be 10 times better and faster than any iPhone or Android phone.

Anwar Ibrahim's supporters cheer his rise to Malaysia's top job after 25 years of struggle for reform.
Malaysians celebrate Anwar Ibrahim’s rise to prime minister

#BOFH excuse #249:

Unfortunately we have run out of bits/bytes/whatever. Don't worry, the next supply will be coming next week.

As a development module this is pretty awesome. ColorLight I5 + extension board. Combined < $50 including shipping.

Are you suffering from Musk Derangement Syndrome (MDS)? Symptoms include:

Irrational anger
Obsessive thoughts
Loss of IQ
Verbal diarrhea
Difficulty separating fantasy and reality
Weight gain
Blue hair

Don't delay. Consult your doctor now!

They are going to make my life easier and fortunately I did not have to solder that myself.

Created a quick board with 8 buttons and 8 LEDs to monitor and manipulate I/O ports on a .

I am rich so I am more verified than you are!

I just gave myself $8 and see what happened. Now I'll go blow that on beer.

@niclas @iron_bug

There is a "secret group" consisting of mainly German, left-wing & socialist-oriented Mastodon admins (instance operators) who specify who, ergo which instance in the Fediverse is to be blocked.

I know someone who has access to this group.

Admins or instance operators who do not follow the prescribed block list and other rules are branded (with their instance).

This is fascism in its purest form.

WOW! Google placed advert for FAKE ROLEXes.

#Rolex should sue Google for a few billions.

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