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#OtD 19 Dec 1925 anti-Nazi communist resistance fighter Lepa Svetozara Radić was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Captured in 1943 Nazis offered to spare her life if she gave up the names of her comrades but she refused and was executed

A baffling bit of trivia. Canned food was invented in the late 18th century (1772) and was patented in the early 19th century (1810) and became common pretty quick (1820s). So far so good, but what is baffling is that the first can opener did not appear until around 1850-1860 (the one below is patented in 1855). So for 50+ years people were opening the darn things with whatever tools at hand, hammers, chisels etc.

At last an anniversary that actually matters. 50 years ago, today, the best live album of all times were released!

And just when I thought we'd reached an all time low, something like this pops up and show me just how wrong I am.

Back in the day, in Denmark, there was a tobacco brand called "Singapore Shag". Hilarious.

Oh, the irony. A stern(-ish) warning from Facebook because of a joke. They can fuck off right away!
The irony of course is that @elonmusk specifically allow jokes on and Facebook helping him prove a point.

Hilarious! Well in his 80s, John Cleese still got a bite to him. Take that Americans!

@TechNews I am way ahead of you. My engineers have been working on this prototype which will be 10 times better and faster than any iPhone or Android phone.

Anwar Ibrahim's supporters cheer his rise to Malaysia's top job after 25 years of struggle for reform.
Malaysians celebrate Anwar Ibrahim’s rise to prime minister

#BOFH excuse #249:

Unfortunately we have run out of bits/bytes/whatever. Don't worry, the next supply will be coming next week.

As a development module this is pretty awesome. ColorLight I5 + extension board. Combined < $50 including shipping.

Are you suffering from Musk Derangement Syndrome (MDS)? Symptoms include:

Irrational anger
Obsessive thoughts
Loss of IQ
Verbal diarrhea
Difficulty separating fantasy and reality
Weight gain
Blue hair

Don't delay. Consult your doctor now!

They are going to make my life easier and fortunately I did not have to solder that myself.

Created a quick board with 8 buttons and 8 LEDs to monitor and manipulate I/O ports on a .

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